The Goddess Guānyīn. Guānyīn is a translation from the Sanskrit Avalokitasvara, a Mahāyāna bodhisattva. She is considered the personification of compassion and kindness, and a mother goddess.

Please note that I’m currently taking time away from my acupuncture practice to focus on other endeavours. No acupuncture services are available during this time.

My interest in traditional Chinese medicine began in my early twenties. Throughout childhood, I’d had constant difficulty with allergies, asthma and chronic respiratory ailments (as well as frequent digestive distress). While it’s common for biomedical doctors to assert that these types of childhood issues will dissipate with age, for me they  persisted well into young adulthood

One winter while on a co-op work term in Toronto, these issues became debilitating to the point that I was sick almost all the time: missing work, unable to socialize, and feeling just plain miserable. Following the pattern set out for me when I was a child, I’d get sick, go to the doctor, be prescribed antibiotics, get somewhat better, only to get sicker than ever once the course of medication finished.

This pattern repeated itself several times that winter, and finally I’d had enough. I began exploring herbal medicine and, a short time later, started seeing a naturopath. I was prescribed herbs and given acupuncture treatments. Finally, my health began to improve.

Now, later in life, I’m experiencing challenges many women face: PMS, painful periods, peri-menopause, various muscoloskeletal pain patterns, headaches, stress, anxiety and occasional insomnia.

Because of my healing experiences with acupuncture and yoga, I’m excited about helping others benefit from these modalities as well. Acupuncture can treat many, many ailments, and I am happy to explore your health however is best for you. But the following areas are those that most inspire me in my practice:

  • treating women’s health on a holistic level: considering all the factors that contribute to issues like painful periods, PMS, and peri-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal conditions.
  • finding the way toward mental, emotional and spiritual health
  • digestive issues: irritable bowel syndrome, poor absorption of nutrients, diarrhea,constipation, bloating, abdominal pain
  • alleviating pain-related conditions such as chronic back pain, shoulder issues, sciatica and so on (many of which are occurring with increasing frequency among yoga practitioners as they age)
  • treating headaches (and their close cousin “brain fog”) in their many manifestations: tension, sinus, hormonal — I believe it is important to provide relief from the symptoms, but also address the root causes as well.

As I have also been teaching yoga since 2003, and in my own life have found yoga to be an invaluable ally to Chinese medicine in supporting and maintaining my health, I offer a customized yoga practice prescriptions that combine the strengths of the acupuncture and yoga.

Your personalized practice will focus on yoga that is functional and therapeutic. In keeping with the holistic nature of Chinese medicine and yoga, the focus is on creating physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual harmony. We will work with passive (yin) and active (yang) poses as well as movements that stabilize, strengthen, and foster resilience in the ligaments, joints and myofascial tissue. Please see yoga services for more details on my yoga offerings.