An Update, and A Dark Night of the Soul Musing.

Sophia's Children

Greetings, my friends! I hope you’re well. I’ve been more quiet in recent months where posting here at Sophia’s Children is concerned, but I’ve not been absent. Far from it.

Life’s had me sharing gifts and presence a bit more fully out in the local community, face-to-face and with (mostly) women navigating challenge-crossroads and/or spiritual questing; as well as delving deeply into research for a gestating body of work (I’ve hinted in a few Sophia’s Children posts, but will share more when the right-time arrives!).

Mystery in the Galactic Center. Image courtesy of NASA.

Plus, in astro-language, it’s a 12th House Sun- (and Mercury, and Venus) transit time, which always seems to re-task at least one of my main “satellite dishes” towards deep-space listening, even if my other facets are very much attuned, present, and busy in the day to day!

Here’s something to share with you in the meanwhile…

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