NEW! Special Yin class scheduled for May 9 2015: Welcome Spring with Yin Yoga

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that Welcome Spring with Yin Yoga, a special 2-hour Yin class, is happening at Mitra Hot Yoga on May 9 2015.

We’ll be practicing a sequence to balance the Wood element and Liver/Gallbladder system (both of which are related to springtime in Chinese medicine’s 5 elements theory). We’ll also be practicing a Taoist meditation to nourish the 5 Yin organs (Heart, Lung, Liver, Kidney and Spleen).

The cost is a very reasonable $25/person. There’s a limit on the number of participants, so register early.

For more details, click the link above or contact me. To register, contact Mitra Hot Yoga.

Hope to see you there.

– Elizabeth

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