Yin Yoga now offered at MYS!

Hi everyone!

Hope you are all doing well as we head into the beautiful fall season!

Since some of you are avid Yin Yogis, you’ll be happy to hear that I’m now teaching a Yin Yoga class at Moksha Yoga Scarborough. (For those of you who’ve never heard of Yin Yoga, this is your chance to find out first hand why it’s so beloved by its practitioners.)

MYS is at 705 Progress Avenue, Unit 36, quite close to Scarborough Town Centre. Although the location might seem a bit “out there” for some of you, it really is a lovely (and environmentally healthy) venue. There are two practice studios — one hot, one not — so you can practice either Moksha Yoga in a hot room, or if you’re not into the heat, you can take a Hatha class at a normal temperature as well.

Spa services like organic facials, hot stone massage and reflexology are available too. There’s even a manicure and pedicure with vegan nail polish!

My Yin Yoga class is at 12 noon on Sundays. It’s held in the hot room, but with the heat turned off (so we get the warmth without the sweat!)  

If you’re new to Yin Yoga, or just want find out more about this ancient, powerful practice, see the About Yin Yoga link in the sidebar to the left. But as with so many other things in life, true understanding comes only with experience. So be sure to come to class to experience Yin for yourself!



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